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Conduct and Gallery Submission Rules

:bulletred: Harassment of any kind for any reason between members will not be tolerated. This includes flaming of their works, harassment through comments or notes, or any other harassment. You get one warning and then you're out (as well as any submissions you have made). Critiques are fine if the artist requests them but please follow the golden rule: Don't be a dick.
:bulletred: If you have a complaint against another member, note the club with the subject title 'Complaint'
:bulletred: Please read and follow the submission guidelines below. Any submissions made that fall outside the rules will be removed without warning. If you have any questions about them, feel free to ask! I know they might sound a little bit complicated at first ^^;
:bulletred: If you feel there is not yet a submissions folder where your work would fit in, feel free to request one with a note titled 'Gallery Suggestion'!
:bulletred: Featured deviations are chosen by the club's headmod and are deviations felt to be most representative of the con's scene. Aside from official con art, I will mostly pick pictures that represent a large demographic of con-goers (such as large photoshoots) and represent Boston, as well, as a city.

:bulletred: Be sure to submit photos to the correct folder! I've disabled additions to Featured, those will continue to be chosen by moderators. If your photos are of cosplayers please submit them to the cosplay folder, and if they are of the con scene, attendees not in cosplay (this includes lolitas, other J-fashions etc as well as plainclothes), please submit them to the con photos folder.

:bulletred: Non-photographic art submissions must have a direct relation to Anime Boston. No, having sold a print of the art at the Artist Alley does not count.
For example, you may submit art of the con's mascots, or portraits of cosplayers done at the con, or 'special edition' illustrations done specifically for AB with a Boston or AB-related theme in mind, but you may not submit any old landscape painting of Boston, nor may you submit an illustration of Naruto that you sold at Artist Alley. Ask if you aren't sure if a submission is ok!
:bulletred: Cosplayers may submit up to 5 photos of any of their own costumes.
:bulletred: Photographers, you may submit up to 3 photos of any one photoshoot and up to 5 photoshoots. If the cosplayer in your photos already has 5 photos here, please consider submitting a different cosplayer to be featured. :)
:bulletred: You may submit any number of hall snapshots (including cosplayers) but please try not to submit them all at once! 5-8 within a few months or 5-8 of your best photos per year is best, to prevent flooding of the galleries.
That means that as a cosplayer, you may have 5 photos of yourself (for example consisting of 3 photos of costume A, 1 photo of costume B, and 1 photo of costume C) in the gallery. As a photographer, it means you may have up to 3 photos from any one shoot/of any one cosplayer or group of cosplayers, and up to 5 different photoshoots total (that is, a max of 15 photoshoot photos), however photographers may have any number of con hall/masquerade snapshots as long as they do not 'flood' the gallery.
:bulletred: There will be NO content above PG-13 (same as Masquerade). Anime Boston is a family-friendly convention and this club will reflect that.
This goes for couples or pairings of any kind. This includes but is not limited to suggestive touching or posing. Kissing and hand-holding is okay as long as it is tasteful. As for costume content, any costume that is allowed in Anime Boston's halls is allowed here.

Gallery Folders

Anime Boston 2011 - Concert by jadeedge
A-chan: Up to 11 by kateison
AB 2011 Mascots -LINEART- by jadeedge
sephoroth at dunkin donuts by hinata4312
Official Anime Boston Art
Anime Boston 2011 - MBTA Ad by jadeedge
AB 2011 Mascots -LINEART- by jadeedge
Anime Boston '10 Mascots by jadeedge
Anime Boston '09 Mascots by jadeedge
Evil Queen Regina Cosplay - Care for a Bite? by SparrowsSongCosplay
Evil Queen Regina Cosplay - Regal by SparrowsSongCosplay
Wheelchair Misa by Misa-on-Wheels
China and England by wolfgirl23427890
Con Photos
Tsubaski Maka and Soul by wolfgirl23427890
Rorschach and England by wolfgirl23427890
Renji and England by wolfgirl23427890
Wilfred England and Rin by wolfgirl23427890
AB Fanart
A-chan: Up to 11 by kateison


Welcome to the club #animeboston, an unofficial fanclub for attendees and fans of the NorthEast United State's largest anime and manga convention!
This club is started by me, :iconkitsoru-san: and moderated by myself and :icontikoinchumo: at the moment.
Updates at the bottom of this journal.

What is Anime Boston?
    - Anime Boston is a convention held every year at the Hynes Convention center in Back-Bay Boston, Massachusetts that celebrates the art, media, and lifestyles of anime, manga, and its fans.  One of the largest anime conventions in the eastern United States, The con was first held in 2003 at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel, and through the years has moved into the Hynes to accommodate the growth of attendees.
More information can be found here at the About page of Anime Boston's official site:

When/where is this convention?
Anime Boston is held for one Friday through Sunday weekend every year during the spring in either March, April or May (and seeming to have a habit of rotating year to year between the three) in the Back Bay area of Boston, Massachusetts, USA.  The convention is easily accessible by train, car, and airport with the Back Bay Station just across, and major highways connecting right to the main street.

Now that I know what this convention is, how do I join the club!?
Well, simple. Just click 'join' at the group homepage and you should be auto-accepted.

What can I send the club as gallery pieces and how do I do it?
We'll accept cosplays from the con, fanart of A-chan and B-kun (the con mascots!) and just about anything relating directly to Anime Boston. On the group homepage, click Submit Art (or Suggest a Fave if the piece is not your own) and follow the steps to submit a deviation. Be sure to use the correct folder!

Do I have to have attended/be attending Anime Boston to join?
No!  Feel free to join just as a fan of anime cons like us!  Deviations, such as cosplay photos, must have been worn/photo'd AT the convention, however.

What if I want my club to associate with yours?
Click the 'affiliate' button above the group header! Please note- affils should be directly related to either the con-scene or anime fandom in Boston, though these will be considered on a case by case basis at moderator discretion. It helps if your club is somewhat established already in its own right (ie, you didn't just create it today).


The Global limit on adding photos per folder is set to 8 per month. This is to prevent you from flooding the galleries post-con. So please don't submit extra cosplay photos to the "Con Photos" folder to get around this! I'll deny them. Sorry, but the limit is there for a reason. Pick your favorite photos and submit those only.

NEWS: (2/9/12)

Long-overdue change to make our lives much easier- I've opened folder-specific submissions so that things can run a little more smoothly. I've noted the changes at the sidebar but I'll repeat here:

Be sure to submit photos to the correct folder! I've disabled additions to Featured, those will continue to be chosen by moderators. If your photos are of cosplayers please submit them to the cosplay folder, and if they are of the con scene, attendees not in cosplay (ie lolitas, other J-fashions etc), please submit them to the con photos folder. I've set the global limits on submissions to be in accordance with club rules.

Remember to observe the rules for submissions and don't flood the galleries! Thanks!



Anime Boston 2012 is April 6th - April 8th at the Hynes Convention Center and the Sheraton Back Bay, Boston. Make sure to keep an eye on the site for when pre-reg and hotel rates start up!
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Hello All!

      I have an open question for all who are attending AB in 2015: Will you help me prank my very good friend Shamus? He and I have been friend for years, and it's becoming a tradition that I find a new and unusual way to prank him every year. This year, sadly, I'll not be able to physically be there, so I'm planning a long distance prank and need help. Any volunteers? If yes, please comment on this post!
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nowhere for artist alley folks to post what they're going to have at con?
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Just wondering: Will anyone be going as anyone from Doctor who, BBC Merlin, and Star Trek?
I'm looking to find people.
I'm going as the 10th Doctor, Merlin, and Spock
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I feel so tired....It was fun though.
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Hello fellow anime fans! (:

This will be my first time at Anime Boston, and I've been reading about the issue with the line to get in. I'm going to be going there on Friday. I don't have a weekend pass, so I don't have any other options.

Are the lines really hours long? Help!

Thank you (:

PS Look for me, my two friends and I will be dressed as Boston Bruins bears ;D
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one week away.
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HEY GUYS! 2 weeks to the con!

My good friend :iconna-insoo: is gonna be selling at Artist Alley! Go buy all his prints, okay!? :D
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omg I am so excited!!!!
16 more day!!!!!
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